Regional & Community Relations

February 1, 2013

U District Next launches events to support community engagement

Focused around a series of three large public events and supporting engagement activities, U District Next: A Community Conversation has been a forum for the public to share perspectives, explore new ideas, help identify and cultivate a shared sense of possibilities, and develop a cohesive vision for the U District’s future.

Each of three large public events provided the opportunity for participants to listen to local and national models as well as engage in a lively discussion about that evening’s topic. The events kicked off with a video highlighting the U District Livability Partnership (UDLP) effort, and included a summary of the conversation that had been held. Following the video, guest speakers addressed the evening’s topic, followed by round table community discussions. You can learn more about U District Next: A Community Conversation, here.

You can view documents for these events here:

Final Outreach Slideshow

Final Outreach Report