Regional & Community Relations

June 7, 2021

2021 Annual Report on the University of Washington Master Plan, Seattle Campus

Linked below is the second annual report on physical development under the University of Washington’s Seattle Campus Master Plan as approved by the Seattle City Council in February 2019. The report is structured to respond to reporting requirements found in the City University Agreement (Ordinance 121193), the ordinance approving the Campus Master Plan (Ordinance 125733), and the Conditions of Approval attached to that ordinance. This report covers January through December 2020.


In this reporting period, the University and the greater community worked to meet the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. University life and operations differed significantly from typical years as this report will show. The University appreciates the partnership of City of Seattle staff and the sacrifices made throughout the greater community.

With regard to the requirements of the annual report, two sites have been under construction by the University of Washington: S40 (Health Sciences Education Building) and C3 (Founders Hall). Two additional sites have been selected for development: W27 (multi-user building including Center for Advanced Materials and Clean Energy Technologies) and C11 (Interdisciplinary Engineering Building). However, no projects under this campus master plan have been completed during this time. The University measured a 7.5% single occupancy vehicle rate, which is a decline of 11.2% since 2018. The significant decline in the single occupancy vehicle rate is due to the majority of students and staff learning or working from home during the pandemic. As this is the beginning of a new Master Plan, most Conditions of Approval have not been completed yet.