Corporate & Foundation Relations

Tailor your approach

Once you have built your case, you can modify it for each foundation. While you should never change your work to suit a funder, you can change how you present it to help a foundation more readily see how supporting your work will help it achieve its goals.


  • How does the way this funder describes the problem or question compare with your concept?
  • What aspect of your work best aligns with this funder’s interests?
  • How might you reframe (not change!) your work for this funder?

For example, you’ve discovered a mechanism that introduces a new therapeutic target. A funder focused on treatment will have interest in helping you develop the therapy, while a funder focused on basic science will have interest in helping you further explore this novel mechanism.


  • What does a foundation’s grant-making track record suggest about how it intervenes in the issue?
  • Do you know past grantees you can talk with?


  • Who will read your proposal?
  • What is their expertise?