Community College Research Initiatives


Engaging Colleges

In the domain of coaching to support and steward organizational change in education reform, college engagement refers to building the case for colleges to participate in coaching, how to prepare colleges to make the most out of an experience, and sustaining participation with coaching over time to achieve their goals.

College Engagement in and Readiness For Coaching
This tool is intended to be used by Student Success Center (SSC) leadership and the colleges to provide information on definitions, potential benefits, and preparations for coaching. This document is meant to be adaptable to different contexts. The tool has two parts: 1) case-making for colleges to engage a coach, and 2) a self-reflection planning guide to prepare colleges for working with a coach.

Equity-Minded Coaching

These tools and resources are related to advancing equitable outcomes for all students using a racial equity lens.

Equity Tool Guide
This is a guide for CCRI’s tools and resources that support integrating equity into guided pathways. Use this guide as a table of contents for the following set of tools to advance equity in your institutions.

Rubric of Coaching Domains and Practices
This tool is designed to assist coaches and Student Success Center (SSC) leadership by drawing awareness to coaching domains and coaching practices that can advance equity-driven inquiry, dialogue, and decision-making within campus-wide reform efforts.

Equity-Minded Coaching DOs and DON’Ts
Distilled from the Rubric of Equity-Minded Coaching Domains and Practices, this is a great one-pager checklist to post on your bulletin board! Page one of this self-guided tool is intended to support higher education organizational coaches in thinking meaningfully about how to incorporate key equity-minded coaching practices into their coaching roles. Page two of this tool is intended to support Student Success Center leadership in thinking meaningfully about how to support equity-minded coaching practices within statewide reform efforts. Definitions of bolded terms are listed in the CCRI Glossary of Terms for Equity-Minded Coaching Practices.

Glossary of Terms for Equity-Minded Coaching
This glossary features terms used in the Rubric for Equity-Minded Coaching Domains and Practices as well as the Equity-Minded Coaching “DOs and “DON’Ts” document.

Discussion Protocol, Practices, and Resources
This tool has been developed for new coaches preparing to structure coaching discussions with individual college leaders or leadership teams as well as SSCN executive directors working with coaches to prepare for and reflect on the best ways to support college equity initiatives through dialogue and verbal feedback. The tool includes information on discussion protocols; an exercise to explore the Validate, Clarify, Stretch, and Sustain protocol; a selection of protocol resources; and recommended readings to explore protocols further.

Enacting Equity in Guided Pathways
This tool is designed to be used by Student Success Center executive directors to gather input and prepare coaches to integrate and enact an equity frame in guided pathways implementation. The tool utilizes the Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI) Coaching for Change framework (Bragg et al. 2018) to apply equity and equity-mindedness (Center for Urban Education 2019) to guided pathways.

Assessing your college’s commitment to equity
Coaches should use this tool to assess a college’s commitment to equity by evaluating the college’s own current public-facing statements and materials as a starting point for reflection. Using the information gathered with this tool, a college’s future commitment to equity can be clarified and improved by setting priorities for collective action to advance an equity agenda.

Designing a Coaching Program

These tools and resources pertain to designing a coaching program to support colleges implement student success initiatives and complex education reforms.

Planning Tool for Student Success Center Led Coaching Programs
The overarching purpose of this planning tool is to help Student Success Center (SSC) leaders, staff, and their partners assess their existing or emerging capacity to deliver a robust coaching program for their colleges and to make decisions about areas that need greater focus.

Reflective Questions Tools
Reflective questions for coaches and community colleges on Evidence-based coaching for change. Companion piece to the brief Equity-Minded Change Leadership.