Office of Educational Assessment

Additional Items Template

The back of each IASystem™ scannable evaluation form allows the addition of up to twelve seven-point Likert-scaled items and data capture for 23 data fields.

To create a printing master for the Likert-scaled items:

  1. Copy the MS Word template ( to your workstation.
  2. Edit the template to add the required directions, rating scale, and items.
    • Note that the response values of the rating scales on the back of the form are 1-7 (poor to excellent, for example). This is the reverse of the order used for questions on the front of the form (excellent to poor). You may want call this change to the attention of the students to prevent confusion.
    • When entering question text, make sure the page layout fits exactly into the spaces provided by the template. Note that each question can have a maximum of three lines. It may be helpful to review a sample template ( to see a completed printing master.
  3. Print your evaluation forms
    • You may print directly onto IASystem™ standard evaluation forms. Check the printing on a single form first, adjust the formatting if necessary, and retest. Printed text should fit exactly into spaces outlined on the IASystem™ forms.
    • You may also choose to print your questions onto a blank piece of paper and then photocopy onto IASystem™ forms. Follow the same process of checking alignment before copying onto a large number of forms.