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Huskies@Work: Info for Alumni

A great way to pass on my experiences to a student who had many of the same questions I did at that point in my undergraduate career. I wish a program like this existed when I was an undergrad!” — Huskies@Work alumni participant

Inspire the next generation of Huksies through Huskies@Work!

Huskies@Work is a UWAA program that matches current UW students with alumni to discuss career journeys and job experiences. Students receive insights and advice; alumni enjoy a chance to inspire the next generation of Huskies. Share what you wish you knew when you were starting out — sign up through UW Husky Landing today!

Registration for the fall 2023 session is now closed. Thank you for your interest!

Huskies@Work is:

  • Facilitated: Students and alumni are individually matched by UWAA staff, based on students’ stated interest
  • Flexible: Alumni and students work together to find a time and venue — in person or online — that works for you.
  • Free: There is no charge for Huskies@Work; the program is open to students and alumni from all UW campuses
  • Low pressure: Huskies@Work is designed to be a low-pressure experience. You’re committing to one great conversation.

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“Participating in Huskies@Work is a wonderful way to shine a light on the realities and possibilities of life after college.” — Huskies@Work alumni participant