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UWRA Learn and Lunch

Fri. Jan 31, 2020      10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Alder Hall Commons

From catching up with the latest in health and well-being to exploring the wonderful art on display around Seattle, there’s a variety of topics on the menu at this popular event. Wrap up your morning of discovery with a light lunch buffet.

Admission: $20

Choose one of these fascinating sessions

Portraits: Christi Miller and Lisa Illich

Can You Hear Me Now? Hearing Aids and Beyond

Christi Miller (left) studies how to make hearing aids work better in noisy environments. Lisa Illich (right) trains audiologists and speech pathologists in aural rehab. They share the latest developments in technology and teaching at this two-part info session.

About the Speakers

Decoding Art in Seattle’s Public Spaces

Walk down any street in Seattle and you are likely to encounter art enhancing the city’s public spaces for all to enjoy. How did Seattle amass such a vast collection? What does it tell us about our city? James Rupp, author of “Art in Seattle’s Public Spaces: From SoDo to South Lake Union” weaves through a century and more of Seattle art.

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Portraits of Charles Bernick and Kris Rhoades

Healthy Brain Aging

As director of UW Medicine’s Memory & Brain Wellness Clinic’s clinical trials division, Charles Bernick (left) is at the forefront of promoting brain health and overall well-being. Kristoffer Rhoads (right) is a neuropsychologist specializing in helping people living with memory loss and dementia. They will share how daily lifestyle changes can help keep our brains healthy as we age.

About the Speakers

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