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Husky profile: Jeff Adams, ’04


Jeff Adams had a Ph.D. in civil engineering and was working at engineering consultancy, Engeo, when he decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business. “I always had a great impression of the UW and what it stands for academically,” says Jeff. At Foster, Jeff formed lasting personal and professional connections. “We’re extremely proud of each other and very close,” he says of his classmates. “The culture of the program was really a good fit: it’s very positive and it fostered interaction.”

Jeff continues his UW involvement as a Bay Area alumnus by organizing social hours, attending BBQs and mentoring students. “The UW Alumni Association is amazing and Foster School is amazing. There is so much they offer by keeping alumni engaged. I garner so much value in that that I love to give back,” Jeff says.

An avid Husky Football fan, Jeff frequently travels to games. This fall he plans to take his daughter to her first. “Perhaps against Eastern Washington,” he adds. It’s one of five he will attend this season.