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GOLD Alumni Council

Headshots of the 9 GOLD Council 2020-21 members.

TOP ROW: Danny Bui, ’20, Camilla Koon, ’10, Simone Willynck, ’13, ’19, Reesha Flavors, ’17, BOTTOM: Stephanie Benipal, ’17, Kate Mead, ’11, ’14, Malika Garoui, ’15, Kenneth (KaeBee) Burns, ’12, Michaela Gormley, ’09.

The UWAA GOLD Alumni Council is an advisory group composed of University of Washington Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) alumni. Serving graduates from each UW Campus and representing most schools and colleges, the GOLD Alumni Council strives to engage, connect and inform the UW GOLD population through UWAA events, programs and membership. The GOLD Council plays a vital role in outreaching to members of the GOLD population who may be less active with UWAA and fosters a Husky community that welcomes all members.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the GOLD Council had a presence at a number of UWAA’s most popular events, including Alaska Airlines Dawg Dash; New Year, New Headshots; An Evening with Karamo Brown; and Huskies@Work student job-shadow program.

Currently, in collaboration with UWAA, the GOLD Alumni Council is working on ways to create impact for the larger GOLD alumni community with special focus on personal and professional development, racial equity, and social and service opportunities. A representative of the Council also serves on the UWAA Board of Trustees nomination committee.


2020-2021 GOLD Alumni Council

Stephanie Benipal, ’17

Danny Bui, ’20

Kenneth (KaeBee) Burns, ’12

Reesha Flavors, ’17

Malika Garoui, ’15

Michaela Gormley, ’09

Camilla Koon ’10

Kate Mead, ’11, ’14

Simone Willynck ’13, ’19