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Affinity Partnership Opt-Out

AFFINITY PROGRAMS are agreements between the UWAA and a business partner to offer services to alumni. In addition to offering discounts to our alumni, affinity partners may also give a portion of their business to the UWAA to support higher education and the University of Washington. In the process of providing you with these benefits, your information is shared with select partners, all of which sign a privacy contract and are not allowed to share your data. Please read the following privacy information so that we may follow your directions on how we handle your data. If you have contacted us in the past and your privacy preference has not changed, there is no need to contact us again.

Important Privacy Choice
You have the right to control whether we share your name and address with our affinity partners (companies that we partner with to offer products or services to our alumni). Please read the following information carefully before you make your choice below:

Your Rights
You have the following rights to restrict the sharing of your name and address with our affinity partners. This form does not prohibit us from sharing your information when we are required to do so by law, nor in other cases as described by the University of Washington Online Privacy Policy.

Your Choice
Restrict Information Sharing With Affinity Partners: Unless you say “NO,” we may share your name and address with our affinity partners. Our affinity partners may send you offers to purchase various products or services that we have agreed they can offer in partnership with us.

Time Sensitive Reply
You may decide at any time that you do not want us to share your information with our affinity partners. Your choice marked here will remain unless you state otherwise. However, if we do not hear from you, we may share your name and address with our affinity partners.

If you decide that you do not want to receive information from our partners, fill out and submit this form to us, and save the confirmation e-mail you receive.  You should use the e-mail address you primarily use for UW related interaction when filling out this form.  Filling out additional fields on this form will ensure that we can match your preferences correctly in our database.

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