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FASTRANS Create Format Name Transfer Submit



FASTRANS is a process that allows campus departments to directly enter Financial accounting information into the Financial Accounting System (FAS). FASTRANS is an alternative to paper processing and provides timely updates that can be viewed online the next day.

FASTRANS is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance.

To learn more, refer to System Crosswalk Current to Future State.

FASTRANS Process overview:

Transactions submitted after 6pm may not be processed until the following business day.

  1. Create the File to Transfer
    In your department:
    Gather the financial transaction information
    Enter it into a spreadsheet or database program.
  2. Format the File by Transaction Type
    Format the file as a space-delimited file
    Save it as ASCII text
  3. Transfer the File
    Use a file transfer program to:
    Transfer the data to:
    Exit the file transfer process
    when the file has successfully been transferred.
  4. Name the File for Transfer
    Name it according to the FASTRANS naming conventions
  5. Submit the File
    Use SecureCRT to connect to
    Submit the data to the Financial Accounting System.

    Transactions will normally be posted to the Financial Accounting System(FAS) the same
    evening and may be verified online the day after processing in MyFinancial Desktop.

Set up a new account:

Send email to