Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Summer Institute in the Arts and Humanities

August 19, 2014

Summer is for undergraduate research at the UW

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Picture of students talking on the grass

For most, campus life is a little quieter during the summer but undergraduates continue to pursue research in a range of disciplines, from STEM fields to the humanities. They’re preparing to show their summer projects to a broader audience as well. Undergraduates participating in one of several summer research opportunities at the University of Washington will present their work August 20, 21, and 22.

August 19, 2013

Students from unique summer research programs share their work

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Guillaume Urtecho

Many undergraduates return home for the summer; some study abroad; some work fulltime; some take classes. Some students spend the summer in unique research opportunities available at the University of Washington. Undergraduates who participated in a variety of research programs over the summer will share their work with their peers and the public over three…