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June 4, 2015

The Inaugural True North Awards for Inspired Teaching

Undergraduate Academic Affairs


The inaugural True North Awards for Inspired Teaching celebrated select teachers who helped UW seniors get to where they are today.

May 12, 2015

Reflections and dreams of graduating seniors

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Portrait of Drew Conley

An inspirational selection of graduating seniors share their memorable UW moments and their plans after June.

April 15, 2015

UW alum selected for prestigious Rangel Fellowship

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

UW Alumna Anne Mwendar, '14, was recently selected as a Rangel Fellow.

UW alumna Anne Mwendar, ’14, was recently selected for the competitive Rangel Fellowship that will prepare her for a career as a diplomat in the U.S. Foreign Service.

January 22, 2015

From mentee to mentor and beyond

Audrey Lawrence

Meili Powell in Brewster for EASB

Already on her way to a career in education, UW sophomore Meili Powell credits the Dream Project and the Pipeline Project with helping her find her way.

December 29, 2014

Undergraduate robotics researcher returns to UW as assistant professor

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Portrait of Sam Burden, '08, returns to UW as assistant professor

Sam Burden, ’08, started as a bored high school student in eastern Washington who wasn’t even planning on going to college to an incoming assistant professor in the University of Washington’s Electrical Engineering Department. Undergraduate research in robotics was key to Burden’s academic experience.

September 30, 2014

New director maps social justice to Honors Program landscape

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Portrait of Professor Victoria Lawson

This fall, the University Honors Program welcomed a new director, Victoria Lawson, professor of geography, internationally-recognized scholar on global poverty and co-founder of the Relational Poverty Network. “Honors is amazing. It drew me in because of what it does,” says Lawson. “One of the things we share is a commitment to trying to tackle complex…

May 14, 2014

Honors students discover the world, themselves

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Photo of Ashwin Nitin Karnik

Students at UW achieve incredible individual accomplishments and successes. But part of a good education is becoming aware that no man is an island. Learn how these five Honors students discovered the world and just how interconnected and global our lives truly are.

May 5, 2014

UW students to explore far reaches of the globe by means of unusual fellowship

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Picture of mountain area with person running

Fourteen University of Washington students were recently awarded Bonderman Travel Fellowships that will enable them to embark on solo journeys that are at least eight months long and take them to at least two regions and six countries of the world. These fellowships, worth $20,000 each, aim to expose students to the intrinsic, often life-changing, benefits of international travel.

December 29, 2013

There’s no one way to be a Husky

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Picture of Guillermo Romano

Nearly 30,000 undergraduates at the UW means 30,000 individual ways to be a Husky. The UW offers students countless opportunities to bring their academics beyond the classroom, grow as leaders, contribute to research, become global citizens, and serve our communities near and far. Learn about some particularly meaningful student experiences.

Novel gift inspired by books

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Picture of Roman Camarda

Lists of the year’s best books are prolific this time of year and go from very general to very specific. Best books of 2013. The year’s most notable books. Best novels for the year. Best history books. Young adult, cookbooks, science, humor, art, and more all have a list. NPR alone has 26 different subject…

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