Undergraduate Academic Affairs

October 6, 2012

From Sputnik to the 21st century: A brief history of the UW Honors Program

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Being a student of the popular TV show “Mad Men” isn’t necessary to recognize the significant shifts in American society in the 1960s. The UW Honors Program was created in the midst of these changes. In this brief history, learn how and why the Honors Program came about and how it’s different today.

Seventh UW Common Book explores the meaning and power of respect

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Respect: An Exploration by Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot has been selected as the seventh University of Washington Common Book. The UW Common Book project welcomes freshmen and transfer students to the University’s academic community through a shared reading experience and offers opportunities for students and faculty to enjoy special common book events and discussions. Respect tells the

October 1, 2012

U Lead, We Lead

Undergraduate Academic Affairs

U Lead, We Lead is a leadership event for emerging leaders U Lead, We Lead is designed to increase undergraduate students’ self-awareness and understanding of leadership styles, strengths, and challenges. Our Speakers Lorenzo Romar has served as Head Coach of Husky Men’s Basketball for the last decade, creating Washington’s elite basketball program. Learn more about Lorenzo Romar

Welcome from the Dean Autumn 2012

Ed Taylor

Dear Friends and Colleagues, What do students from Mossy Rock, Washington have in common with students from Beijing, China? What does a student from White Fish, Montana, share with a student from Redondo Beach, California?  Or the students from Alabama and Seattle—what do they share in common with the student from Uganda or Vietnam? What