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March 28, 2014

The Atlantic: UW among best for dollar-for-dollar ROI

According to PayScale data, the UW is #5 in the country in dollar-for-dollar return on investment (ROI) for a bachelor’s degree. And our computer science degree specifically is in the top 10 for ROI. Read more in The Atlantic. Of course, long-term financial reward isn’t the only measure of the value of an education. Just…

April 4-6: Join us for Paws-On-Science at Pacific Science Center

Got a budding young scientist in your family? You won't want to miss #PawsOnScience @PacSci April 4-6. — U. of Washington (@UW) March 28, 2014 CLICK HERE to learn more.

March 13, 2014

Supplemental budget passes House and Senate, Legislature adjourns

Today (March 13), the House and Senate passed a supplemental budget that makes several small, but important investments in higher education. Notably, the compromise supplemental budget preserved funding provided last year to UW. Preserving this funding allows the University to freeze resident undergraduate tuition another year. Read an overview brief from UW’s Office of Planning &…

March 11, 2014

2014 regular session enters final stretch

Last Friday (March 7) was the second to last cut-off deadline of the session (the last day to consider opposite house bills), with the other being Sine Die (the last day allowed for regular session under the state constitution). The Friday cutoff doesn’t apply to bills considered necessary to implement the budget (“NTIB”), or already agreed to…

March 7, 2014

President Young interviewed by TVW’s Inside Olympia

An interview with President Michael Young for the show Inside Olympia aired on TVW Thursday evening. The interview, by Austin Jenkins, covers a range of subjects, including the direction of higher education in the state, how to fund it successfully and what recent developments in online education and commercial development of university research mean for the future….

Editorial: Save the Life Sciences Discovery Fund

In today’s The Olympian newspaper, Lee Huntsman, president emeritus of the University of Washington, and Lee Hartwell, president emeritus of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, published an opinion editorial urging the Governor and state lawmakers to preserve funding for the Life Sciences Discovery Fund in the supplemental budget. Read the editorial.

February 27, 2014

House and Senate release supplemental budget proposals

This week, leaders of the Senate and House fiscal committees released their supplemental operating and capital budgets. The budgets propose technical corrections and appropriation changes to the current 2013-15 biennial budgets. Read UW’s Office of Planning & Budgeting brief (PDF) comparing the Governor, House, and Senate budgets. In terms of process, the Senate budget was passed out of…

February 18, 2014

President Young’s statement on the passage of the Real Hope Act

“Today’s action by the State Legislature was a vote of confidence in students and their importance to the future of our state,” said UW President Michael K. Young. “It sends a strong message that an education should be available to absolutely everyone. For years, our state has invested in these students’ success in our K-12…

February 13, 2014

Higher Ed efficiency legislation moving in House and Senate

Two legislative proposals to help higher education institutions operate more efficiently cleared hurdles this week. Each year a work group from higher ed institutions, made up of administrators and staff, meets to study and review efficiency efforts, and then recommends a range of efficiency measures to the state legislature that require changes to state law….

February 6, 2014

This Week in Olympia: Policy cutoff, President, Regents, and Students visit

This week is policy cutoff in the House (Wednesday) and Senate (Friday). That means that if a policy bill hasn’t had a public hearing and been voted out of committee, it’s not likely going further in the process this legislative session. Another cutoff date will occur next week, when the same process will unfold on…

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