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March 22, 2007

Operating Budget Passes House Committee — Changes Made to UW Budget

At about 1:00 a.m. this morning, weary members of the House Appropriations Committee passed SHB 1128 — the House Democrats version of the 2007-09 biennial operating budget.  Numerous amendments were considered, debated and passed in the more than nine hours that elapsed from the time committee members convened at 3:30 p.m. the prior afternoon. There were

House Capital Budget Clears Committee

The House Capital Budget Committee this morning gave unanimous approval to their version of the 2007-09 biennial capital budget.  On a voice vote, both Democrat and Republican members praised the $4.2 billion total funds spending plan which includes $145 million in state funds for University capital projects.  No substantive amendments were made to the bill, meaning the

March 21, 2007

House Appropriations Committee to Work Late

As of 7:00 p.m. tonight, House Appropriations Committee members are still behind closed door caucus meetings trying to decide which amendments to offer on the House Democrat’s operating budget proposal which was released yesterday.  Even after that decision is made, committee members must caucus again to insure they know how members will vote on each amendment. This

March 20, 2007

House Democrats Unveil Budget — Strong Proposal for UW

Almost three months to the day Governor Gregoire released her budget recommendations for the 2007-09 biennium, House Democrats in Olympia unveiled their operating budget blueprint for the next two years.  As was the case with the Governor’s proposal, the House budget places a high priority on funding for higher education and overall, represents a very strong

March 19, 2007

House Capital Budget Strong for UW

The 2007-09 capital budget spending plan released by the House of Representatives today in Olympia generally follows Governor Gregoire’s proposed capital budget recommendations for the University of Washington.  With this level of state capital funding, the House budget dramatically reverses a multi-year trend of reduced state support for the University’s building program. The proposed capital spending plan crafted

March 15, 2007

Revenue Forecast Up $126.5 Million

Members of the Economic Revenue Forecast Council met in Olympia this morning and adopted a new forecast of general fund revenue projections that will give budget writers an additional $126.5 million to write the 2007-09 biennial operating budget.  Dr. Chang Mook Sohn, the state’s chief revenue forecaster, said that revenue is up due to the

March 9, 2007

Budget Watch Begins

With House and Senate members virtually locked in their respective chambers passing measures with the urgency of a Wednesday March 14 5:00 p.m. deadline looming in their future, much higher education sideline speculation is focused on operating and capital budget proposals which are due to be unveiled within the next couple of weeks. While transportation officials are understandably

March 8, 2007

UW Debt Authority Bill Passes Senate

SB 5384, the Senate version of the UW’s request legislation to expand our ability to issue long term debt locally easily cleared the State Senate yesterday 46-0.  There was no debate or opposition to the measure which now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration following floor cut-off next week.  The House version of

March 7, 2007

Recap of Committee Cut-off

Monday was the deadline for Senate and House fiscal committees to move bills from their chamber of origin which are not deemed “necessary to implement the budget.”  This means that many of the bills we have been tracking as a University are now considered “dead” for the 2007 legislative session. To see which bills have survived

March 6, 2007

Amendment to ISM Bill Could Tap Life Sciences Fund

Yesterday during the cut-off hearing in the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Senator Joe Zarelli (R-Ridgefield) successfully hung an amendment on a measure which would make a new life sciences research entity in Spokane area potentially eligible for Life Sciences Discovery Fund monies. SSB 5616 would create a health sciences and services authority in Spokane with the intention of using the Institute

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