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April 10, 2007

Governor Signs UW Debt Authority Bill — UW Tacoma Legislation Passes Senate

This morning Governor Gregoire signed SHB 1398 which expands the UW and WSU’s ability to issue debt backed by locally controlled revenues.  This expanded statutory authority is key to the long-term financing of the UW Tower and future University capital projects. This evening, the state Senate passed SHB 2164 which would help to curtail unwelcome

Answers to Trivia Questions

1.  The other three Walla Walla towns are in Australia. 2.  Kurt Russell. 3.  Boone “Boom Boom” Kirkman. 4.  Columbia Basin Community College in Pasco. 5.  The Ventures.

April 9, 2007

Fun with Washington State Trivia

While we sit and wait for more conference action on the state budget, let’s have some fun with a little Washington State trivia.  In my spare time, in addition to co-hosting a local radio show with my friend Steve McLellan, we also write trivia questions for TVW — the state’s public affairs channel.  They run the trivia questions during

April 6, 2007

Budget Negotiations Slow to Get Started

Since it has been more than 10 years since Olympia has seen a real operating budget conference committee, there is very little that can be visually observed during the waning days of session to give outsiders much sense of how things are really progressing.  All of the negotiations are done behind closed doors and in an age

SB 5806 Passes House 96-1

The long-awaited floor action on the Governor’s Washington Learns bill for higher education came to a successful conclusion this morning with the overwhelming passage of SB 5806.  Since the bill was not amended in the House, it can be delivered directly to the Governor for her signature. The bill contains several provisions of importance to the University

April 5, 2007

SB 5806 Pulled from Rules for House Floor Consideration

The Governor’s Washington Learns higher education legislation (SB 5806) was pulled from the House Rules Committee last evening for possible consideration on the House Floor today.  The bill, sponsored by Sen. Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville) caps resident undergradaute tuition rates at no more than 7 percent, but also establishes the Global Challenge States (GCS) and the

April 4, 2007

Debt Authority Bill Passes Legislature — Next Stop Governor

The University’s primary request legislation for the 2007 session was permission to issue bonds or other forms of debt for any university purpose, to be paid from all locally controlled fees and revenues.  Such legislation would provide the UW with the capability to act with speed and certainty when issuing debt and to fund construction or

April 2, 2007

WA Learns Higher Ed Bill Takes Yet Another, “Positive” Turn

Last week, I wrote about the saga of the Governor’s Washington Learns bill for higher education.  House Bill 1882 actually managed to pass the House Appropriations Committee early last week, but then ran into a buzzsaw of problems in the House Democratic Caucus. The provision included in the bill by Rep. Jim McIntire (D-Seattle) which would

Senate Passes Budgets — Negotiations to Begin This Week

In a relatively rare Saturday morning session, the Senate passed their versions of the operating, capital and transportation budgets.  There were no changes in any of the budgets affecting appropriations for the University. During debate on the Senate transportation budget, Senator Rosemary McAuliffe (D-Bothell) offered an amendment to provide an additional $6.2 million in funding for the Bothell/Cascadia CC offramp

March 30, 2007

Senate Budget Clears Committee — Global Health Gets Boost

Last night the Senate Ways and Means Committee passed both their operating and capital budgets in preparation for floor action on Saturday March 31.  Of the more than 70 amendments considered by the committee, one change sponsored by Senator Craig Pridemore (D-Vancouver) increased the appropriation for the UW Department of Global Health from $2.5 million to

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