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June 4, 2007

Race to Succeed Rep. Lovick Already in High Gear

Several weeks ago we noted that Rep. John Lovick (D-Mill Creek) was planning a run for Snohomish County Sheriff this November.  Lovick is a retired Washington State Patrol officer and a familiar face to TVW watchers as he serves as President Pro Tempore of the House of Representatives and is therefore, often the chamber’s presiding officer. As Everett

June 1, 2007

What’s Going On “Inside” the Global Challenge States?

Now that the future fiscal fortunes of the UW have been statutorily linked to the 60th percentile of per student funding in the Global Challenge States, it probably makes some sense to periodically peak in on how things are going for our higher education university brethren in California, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Colorado, and

Education is Microsoft’s Top Priority

Yesterday I attended the annual Technology Alliance luncheon at the Washington Convention and Trade Center.  The luncheon is the Alliance’s major function each year and more than 1,000 folks from business, government and education were in attendance. The keynote address was given by Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer in a conversational discussion format lead by the UW’s

May 30, 2007

New SR 520 Funding Strategy Announced

State and local transportation leaders held a press conference in Seattle yesterday to announce a comprehensive funding strategy to pay for the SR 520 bridge replacement project without the need to raise new “state” taxes.  The strategy was prepared as part of the Regional Transportation Improvement District (RTID) planning committee efforts to prepare a transportation

May 25, 2007

Remembering Norm Maleng

Like many of you, I was shocked to read the news of Norm Maleng’s passing in the morning papers.  For those of us in public service in Washington State, Norm was the epitome of professionalism and intergrity in a business that often fails to adequately reward either trait.  I just thought Norm would go on forever and

May 23, 2007

Waterfront Expansion in Western’s Future?

For the past several years, the city of Bellingham has been discussing the future of their waterfront.  Up until recently, the waterfront was underutilized and dominated by an old Georgia Pacific mill site that virtually sat at the apex of downtown Bellingham and the picturesque Bellingham Bay.  At the same time, student demand for access

May 21, 2007

Governor Creates P-20 Council

Governor Gregoire signed an executive order today that creates the “P-20 Council” called for in the November 2006 Washington Learns final report.  The council will be primarily responsible for driving progress towards all of the ten-year education goals proposed in the report.  The council is also charged with improving student success and transitions within and

Future Statewide Office in the Future for Lisa Brown?

A persistent rumor that raced through the hallways of the state capitol during the last few weeks of the 2007 legislative session was the notion that Senate Majority Leader Lisa Brown (D-Spokane) might be contemplating a run for State Treasurer in 2008.  Mike Murphy, the incumbant State Treasurer has indicated he will not run again

May 17, 2007

Governor Signs Budget Bills — 2007 Officially “Closed”

It’s always easy to fall into the trap that a legislative session ends when the gavel falls on Sine Die.  But Olympia veterans know that while state legislators, lobbyists and staffers may have left town quicker than the Husky varsity 8 at the Pac-10 crew championships, there are hundreds of bills (including the budgets) that

May 15, 2007

Two State Legislators To Run for Snohomish County Council

While this is the off year for state election campaigns, many local elected offices are open and two more state legislators have expressed an interest in running for a local seat. In Snohomish County, councilmember Kirke Sievers is required to leave office at the end of this year after serving three terms as the representative

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