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Legislation of Interest to the UW

Two weeks have now passed in the 2008 legislative session and I think we feel in State Relations like we are finally getting caught up with what seems to be another record batch of bills introduced so far.  By next week, I hope to have a list of “UW High Priority Bills” posted to the

UW Branch Campus Bill Clears Key Committee

Senator Paull Shin’s bill (SB 6391) which establishes a new UW branch campus in Everett at the Pacific Station site was passed out of the Senate Higher Education Committee this afternoon by a vote of 5-1.  Committee members Shin, Derek Kilmer, Jean Berkey, Jerome Delvin and Mark Schoesler voted in favor, while Tim Sheldon voted

Week Two Preview

The way this session began last week, I feel like I am aging in “dog years,” you know, each week really feels like seven weeks, or something like that.  Woof.  In any event, can’t be much busier than last week and besides, “it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy.” Today, the House Higher Education

With Days Like This…….

Who needs………. well, you can fill in the blank. I am hard pressed to recall a day this darned busy.  Lots and lots of UW stuff going on, much of which you will read about in your local papers on Friday morning. As I mentioned in the previous post, today was the big Senate hearing on the UW North Sound

UW North Sound Update

Today the Senate Higher Ed committee will hold a public hearing on bills related to establishing a new UW branch campus in Snohomish County.  Sen. Paull Shin’s bill would establish the campus in Everett at the Pacific Station site.  Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen’s legislation would require specified criteria to be used to determine the best

Tough Times Ahead in the Golden State?

While Washington begins it’s 2008 legislative session with a large budget surplus that the Governor and many legislative leaders have sworn to protect, the fiscal outlook in our large neighbor to the south is quite grim. Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposed 2008-09 budget was released a week ago and it calls for 10% across-the-board reductions in virtually every

New Website for Council of Presidents

I’m happy to report that the Council of Presidents (the organization which represents the six public baccalaureate institutions) has created a new website that should prove helpful to those of you in the campus community charged with tracking legislation.  You can find the link at: Under the “Legislative Information” section, you can find out which bills

Cue the Theme Music Please…..

“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend come inside, come inside…..”  Good morning, and welcome to the 2008 legislative session which officially kicks off at noon today in Olympia.  Sixty days sessions are sprints — fast, furious and halfway over before a lot of folks have

New Legislators for 2008

Although 2007 was not a general election year, the beginning of the 2008 legislative session brings seven new legislators to Olympia – one new state Senator and six new state Representatives. Here is a brief summary of the new political faces in Olympia for 2008. Sen. Curtis King (R-Yakima) from the 14th district who defeated

Shin Endorses Everett Site for New Snohomish Campus

Sen. Paull Shin (D-Edmonds) the chair of the Senate Higher Education Committee today endorsed the Pacific Station site in Everett as his preferred location for a new UW North Sound branch campus. In a news release sent out earlier this afternoon, Shin cited the recently completed NBBJ site selection study report which gave the highest

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