State Relations

2012 Legislative Session

December 10, 2012

Power-Sharing Coalition Forms in Washington State Senate

Majority Coalition Caucus Press Conference in Olympia. Photo Credit: @AustinJenkinsN3. At a press conference in the State Capitol today, Senators Rodney Tom (D-Medina) and Tim Sheldon (D-Potlach) joined with Republican senators to announce that they have formed a Majority Coalition Caucus to lead the Senate in the upcoming legislative session. Coalition leaders said the public was…

December 6, 2012

This Week in Olympia: Recounts Settled, Murray Mulls Mayoral Bid

A widely watched recount in Southwest Washington has concluded. At the end of the tallying, Sen. Don Benton (R-Vancouver) came out 74 votes ahead of his challenger, Rep. Tim Probst (D-Vancouver). As reported earlier, that outcome means that control of the State Senate is still an open question, with two Senate Democrats potentially holding the…

November 30, 2012

House Committee Meets To Consider Tuition Impacts and Financial Aid

University of Washington

Today, Director of State Relations Margaret Shepherd presented before the House Higher Education Committee. Shepherd’s presentation focused on the impact of tuition increases, and UW’s successful efforts to mitigate effects on students through financial aid. In the wake of significant tuition increases made necessary by a significant decrease in state funding, the state legislature required the university…

November 28, 2012

This Week in Olympia: Legislative Assembly Days

University of Washington

Legislators return to Olympia this week for committee assembly days. Director of State Relations Margaret Shepherd will be presenting before the Higher Education Committee to give an update on the impact of tuition increases and financial aid. The regular session of the State Legislature is scheduled to begin on January 14, 2013 and end on…

November 19, 2012

This Week in Olympia: Caucuses Elect Leaders

Leaves falling on Red Square. And stirrings in Olympia. Fall has arrived in Washington State! So when does the legislative action actually begin? Session doesn’t officially start until the second Monday in January. Our state has a two year legislative cycle – and since 2013 is an odd-year, we’ll have 105 days of regular session….