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December 2020 SAGE Maintenance

Washington Innovation Advantage Program (WIAP) Column Available on Task List A new column can be optionally displayed on the SPAERC task lists for Funding Actions and Admin Actions The column will display the value selected in the WIAP field (Yes, No, blank). Users can sort the task list by that column. The following image shows […]

January 2020 Maintenance Release

SAGE Suite-Wide Session Timeout Handling Improvements When any open SAGE Suite application is left idle for 40 minutes (this can vary if you have other applications open that require UW authentication), users will now see an on-screen warning that their SAGE session will time out in 5 minutes without further activity. Renewing your 45 minute […]

September 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

SPAERC & SERA Updates to Post-Award Change (PAC) In order to improve the data quality, reporting, and analytics around award data, the following changes have been made to the Post-Award Change in SPAERC and SERA: Addition of Revised Start Date field, displayed for the PAC Requested Change type “Start Date Change” Addition of Revised End Date […]

July 2019 Maintenance Release

PI Titles Removed from Cover Letter to Sponsor The Workday titles for PIs were removed from the auto-generated Cover Letter to sponsors, since they are not geared toward external audiences and often contain descriptors that PIs may not consider to be optimal (e.g. “Professor Without Tenure”) Additional Fields Added to SPAERC Application Search In order […]

February 2019 SAGE Maintenance Release

General SAGE Suite Maintenance Items SAGE Submission deadline warning notification no longer sent for RRF eGC1s Principal Investigators and Preparers of eGC1s to the Royalty Research Fund (RRF) will no longer receive the automated email sent from SAGE 3-6 days prior to the Sponsor Deadline when the proposal is marked as not ready for submission. […]