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March 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

SAGE Grant Runner Grant Runner Support for Fellowship Opportunities Grant Runner can now be used for Fellowship (F) Award opportunities with the inclusion of the PHS Fellowship Supplemental Form. Import ClinicalTrials.gov Data into Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Form For studies where a ClinicalTrials.gov record is already present, researchers can now choose to import a […]

January 2018 SAGE Grant Runner Release

Human Subjects & Clinical Trials Form Usability Improvements The following areas were given some fine-tuning and polish, in order to improve the usability of the new Human Subjects & Clinical Trials (HSCT) form: Display a warning message when you change the Human Subjects response from YES to NO on the Other Project Info form, to […]

December 2017 SAGE Grant Runner Release

FORMS-E Changes to Existing Forms NIH will require the use of FORMS-E application packages for due dates on or after January 25, 2018. ¬†Grant Runner now includes the FORMS-E version for the following agency specific forms. ¬† PHS 398 Cover Page Supplement PHS 398 Research Plan PHS 398 Career Development Award Supplemental PHS 398 Modular […]

November 2017 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Budget: Enhancements & Bug Fixes Cascading Behavior for Salary Data Can Now be Turned Off If you prefer to manually enter wage-related values across all years of your multi-period budget, you may now choose to turn off cascading of salary data on the Line Setup screen. Cascading of salary data will be turned on […]

October 2017 SAGE Compliance Release 1

As part of a larger effort to improve usability and content of the eGC1 Compliance page, this release makes a number of alterations to better focus the Compliance page on non-fiscal compliance questions. This was accomplished by either removing questions or relocating them to more intuitive sections of the eGC1. There are more changes coming […]