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October 2017 SAGE Compliance Release 1

As part of a larger effort to improve usability and content of the eGC1 Compliance page, this release makes a number of alterations to better focus the Compliance page on non-fiscal compliance questions. This was accomplished by either removing questions or relocating them to more intuitive sections of the eGC1. There are more changes coming […]

September 2017 SAGE Maintenance Release

Personnel Roles and Approvals New “Application PI” Role For certain types of funding applications, there is a need to list a PI (Principal Investigator) on the sponsor application forms that differs from the PI on the eGC1. This is often the case with NIH Career Development mentored opportunities and Fellowships, when the PI on the […]

July 2017 SAGE HR/P Release

SAGE General Updates Updates throughout SAGE Suite. Data Source Updates SAGE Suite will now use Workday data rather than HEPPS data. Infrastructure Updates Technology updates were made to modernize and stabilize SAGE system as areas of the software were updated. SAGE Personnel Chooser (throughout SAGE Suite) Search Options Now search by EmployeeID, in addition to […]

July 2017 SAGE HR/P Release Fixes

Release date: 7/11/2017 SAGE was updated July 6th to reflect Workday salary and payroll data. This release includes a few fixes to the SAGE system. Re-enabled Items We’ve re-enabled the following Personnel Chooser: Re-enabled the ability to search for group NetIDs Approvals Tab: Re-enabled the Advanced Search Subcontract Sub Budgets: Re-enabled the ability to set […]

June 2016 Grant Runner Release

Grant Runner Updates Expansion of Validations Key changes to Grant Runner validations and error checking. All NIH Validations Included — SAGE will now incorporate all NIH validations into the error checking process, when users click the “Check for Errors” link. These validations are the same rules applied by ASSIST and eRA Commons. This should help […]