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Is there a way to change the benefit rate in SAGE Budget? I need to update the current benefits rate to the proposed rate that will be effective when my proposal is awarded.

SAGE Budget recognizes the approved benefit rates for the current fiscal year and the preliminary rates for the next fiscal year when they are available. When creating your budget, you can choose to use either just the current rates or current and preliminary rates. The system will use the appropriate rate based on the starting date of each period.

Once the preliminary rates are officially approved and available, you can easily update the benefit rates in your budget. Click the Properties tab. In the Global Attributes section, verify your choice of benefit rate type (current-only or preliminary), then click on the Update Benefit Rates link. This will update the rates for all personnel, for all periods.

To update just a specific individual, click the Salary and Wages line of your budget worksheet, click the name of the person whose benefit rate you want to update. Select Update Periods, and determine the first period in which the rates need to be updated. Under Benefits, click Update Rate. This will update the benefit rate for this person for the current period and all future budget periods.

How do I use a different benefit rate for a sub-contractor at a different institution?

To do this, you must first set up a sub budget for your sub-contract. (Go to the Sub Budgets tab, click Add Sub Budget, enter a working title for the sub-contract budget, and then select Subcontract Budget from the Budget Type drop down menu.)

Navigate to the Salaries and Wages line of your subcontract budget worksheet, add a person to your sub-budget, and then click to the first period. At the bottom of the Personnel Details window, in the Benefit % textbox, enter the benefit rate you want to apply to the sub-contractor. You need to enter the custom benefit rate in this textbox for each budget period.

April 2013 SAGE Maintenance Release

New Features

SAGE Budget: Preliminary Benefit Rates are now available to users of SAGE Budget.

  • GIM 3 has been updated to display both current benefit rates and preliminary benefit rates for future budgeting as they become available.
  • SAGE Budget will use the correct rate based on the period start date and whether the user has opted to use current and preliminary rates or current-only rates.
  • Budget preparers can use a global update feature to update their budgets quickly when preliminary rates become available each year.
  • The period entry page for a given person will indicate whether the rate being used is current or preliminary for that period.

An ASTRA information page will display instead of an error message at sign in.

  • When you attempt to log in to SAGE without the required ASTRA role, SAGE will display a list of people in your unit who can authorize access to SAGE. You able to choose an authorizer and send him or her a message to request access to SAGE.

Designated Subcontract Actions (SA) attachments are viewable in SAGE.

  • Subcontracts Actions (SA) attachments will now be viewable in the Related Documents section of the Attached Documents page if the SA is in Active or Closed-Out status and if the type of attachment is not a To/From Communication.

EH&S has a new compliance question: “Will the project involve scientific diving?”

  • Anyone diving under the University of Washington’s auspices must have current certification as a University of Washington Scientific Diver and adhere to the standards set forth in the UW’s Diving Safety Manual. EH&S will contact you to assist in meeting Diving Safety Program requirements prior to diving.