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Creating Sub Budgets


In this lesson, you’ll see how to add sub budgets to a parent, or master, budget.

SAGE offers three kinds of sub budgets.

  • Internal UW Budgets
  • Fabrication Budgets
  • Subcontract Budgets

Each of them serves a different purpose but the process for creating them is almost identical:

  1. Click the parent budget’s Working Title on the My Budgets page.
  2. Click the Sub Budgets tab.
  3. Click the Add Sub Budget link.
  4. Enter a new Working Title for the sub budget.
  5. Select the appropriate Budget Type.
  6. Click Save.

The only difference in the process is found in step 5: selecting the appropriate sub budget type from the Budget Type drop-down menu on the Add Sub Budget window.

Budget Type Options

Warning Once you select a sub budget type you cannot change it.

Even though the budgets are created using the same process, each of them interacts with the parent budget differently.

  • The Internal UW sub budget type is the same as a normal parent and it inherits all of the parent’s UW business rules, benefit rates, and F&A settings.
  • The Fabrication sub budget type rolls up to a single line on the parent under the (06) Equipment category.
  • The Subcontract sub budget type rolls up to a single line on the parent under the (03) Other Contractual Service category.

Subcontracts also differ from the other two types. Subcontracts support custom external F&A rates and external benefit rates.

To Create an Internal UW Sub Budget

In this example, you’ll see how to add a sub budget, named NIH Grant Sub Budget to a parent budget named NIH Master Budget. You’ll also see how to toggle between them.

1.     Click the name of the master budget on the My Budgets page. In this case, click “NIH Master Budget.”

My Budgets List

SAGE displays the worksheet for “NIH Master Budget | B1325.”

NIH Master Budget

2.     Click the Sub Budgets tab.

Add Sub Budget Link

3.     Click the Add Sub Budget link.

SAGE displays the Add Sub Budget detail window with a Working Title of New Sub Budget and a Budget Type of Internal UW Budget.

4.     Change the name of the working title to “NIH Grant Sub Budget” and accept the default budget type.

Change the Working Title

5.     Click the Save  button.

SAGE returns to the NIH Master Budget page with the Sub Budgets tab selected, the sub budget list displayed, and the new sub budget added.

Sub Budget Add to the Master Budget

SAGE displays the Ref# -- B1327 -- that it assigned to the budget, the budget type, its working title and the origin of the sub budget: “Sub budget created as a direct child of B1325.”

To Toggle Between the Sub Budget and its Parent,

1.     Click the Worksheet tab.

SAGE returns you to the “NIH Master Budget | 1325 worksheet.”

To Toggle from Master to Sub Budget

2.     Click the Sub Budgets tab.

SAGE displays the list of sub budgets for the “NIH MASTER | B1325” master budget.

Display the List of ?Sub Budgets

3.     Click the Ref# of the sub budget link you want. In this example, SAGE opens the “NIH Grant Sub Budget | 1327” worksheet.

SAGE Displays the Worksheet for the sub Budget

You will also find a list of the sub budgets at the bottom of the parent worksheet.

List of Sub Budgets on the Master Budget Worksheet

The Properties and F&A tabs also offer you important functionality. For Internal budgets, the F&A tab allows you to get split rates between different areas, for example, the On Campus vs the APL (Applied Physics Lab) rate. The Properties tab allows you to go into that budget and assign unique elements such as switching APL controls on or off.

F & A  Tab Function

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