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Creating an Advance Budget Request (ABR)

Please see the more complete article on creating an advance budget request.

To create an Advance Budget Request (ABR):

  1. Verify that you have access to the eGC1.
  2. Click the Advances tab to display the My Advance Requests page.
  3. Click the Create a new Advance button.
  4. Search for the Approved eGC1.
  5. Click Select, located adjacent to the relevant eGC1.
    If the eGC1 is ineligible, use the Advance Budget Number Eligibility Tool. A link to it is in the Creating an Advance sidebar.
  6. When prompted, click OK, to continue creating the Advance Budget Request.
  7. Verify that the pre-populated fields are correct.
  8. Complete the Advance Budget Number Request Information section.
  9. Click Print Draft to view a proof of the entries.
    The proof generated will contain a watermark indicating that it is a draft copy.
  10. If all of the information is filled out correctly click Complete to route the Advance Budget Request.
    Once the Advance Budget Request is complete, no further edits can be made.
  11. Click Print Final to generate the final copy.
  12. Mail the Advance Budget Request form,  signed by the PI and the Chair/Dean, to the appropriate GCA contact.

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