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Product Update Archives: December 2013

New Features in SAGE

Grant Runner Infrastructure Changes for better Supportability

This Grant Runner release is focused primarily on infrastructure changes that will allow ORIS to better maintain this component of SAGE into the future, and to more rapidly expand the system to include new forms.   These changes will be mostly transparent to users, aside from a few minor tweaks to look and feel.


Grant Runner – Disabling of the checkbox for optional forms while editing

To prevent unintended errors and confusion, the optional forms check box will be disabled (cannot uncheck it) while the user has that form open for editing. This forces the user to close out of the form completely before they can take the action of unchecking the form and thereby removing it from the submission.

Grant Runner - Re-ordering of Mandatory Forms

With the release of the form C changes, Grant Runner mandatory forms appear in a less-than-ideal order for users.  We are bundling into this release the re-ordering of the forms, so that the SF 424 is always the first mandatory form shown.

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