Board of Regents Agenda

Thursday, March 22, 2007
3:00 p.m.
Rose Room, UWB Building 1
UW Bothell

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I. Call to Order

Roll Call : Assistant Secretary Keith

III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents: Regent Kiga
Report of the University President: Dr. Emmert

Public Employment relations Commission Notices
Mindy Kornberg, Vice President, Human Resources
Louis Pisano, Executive Director, Labor Relations, Human Resources

  Welcome to UW Bothell Campus
Steven G. Olswang, Interim Chancellor
  "Integrating Science, Nature, and Community Parnterships at UW Bothell", presented by Warren Gold, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell UP–1
  Higher Education Needs in Snohomish, Island and Skagit Counties
Ray Stephanson, Mayor of EverettRepresentative Hans Dunshee, 44th Legislative District
VI Consent Agenda  
  Approval of Minutes of Meeting of February 15, 2007  
  Revisions to Tuition Waivers for Veterans and Members of the Washington National Guard A–2
  2007-08 Residence Hall, Single-Student Apartment and Family Housing Rental Rate Adjustments A–6
  Grant and Contract Awards - January, 2007 F–2
  Withdrawal of Funds from Michael D. and Lynn M. Garvey Endowed Fund in Entrepreneurship and Neal and Jan Dempsey Endowed Chair in Management Science F–6
VII. Standing Committees  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Barer - Chair  
    Academic and Administrative Appointments (Action) A–1
    UW Tower Transition Planning Progress Report A–3
    Student-Athlete Academic Services Update A–4
    Update on Committee on the Organization of Schools and Colleges A–5
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Jewell - Chair  
    Report of Contributions - January, 2007 (Information only) F–1
    Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority (Information only) F–3
    Report of Planned Internal Audit Activities 2007 (Information only) F–4
    Investment Performance Report, Second Quarter FY 2007 (Information only) F–5
    University of Washington Medical Center Proposed Expansion (Information only) F–7
    Capital Projects Office Semi-Annual Status Report (Information only) F–8
    "Restoring the Core" (Information only) F–9
    Report of Internal Audit Results 2006 (Information only) F–10
    Metro Tract Performance Report, Qtr. Ended December 31, 2006 (Information only) F–11
    UWINCO Update (Information only) F–12
VIII. Other Business  
  Reports from ex-officio representatives to the Board:  
    ASUW President - Mr. Cullen P. White  
    GPSS President - Ms. Kimberly A. Friese  
    Alumni Association President - Mr. Gregg Blodgett  
    Faculty Senate Chair - Professor Gail Stygall  
IX. Date for Next Regular Meeting: April 19 , 2007
X. Adjournment