Population Health


Over the course of the UW’s 25-year vision for the Population Health Initiative, the president and provost recognize the need to stay nimble with respect to the leadership of, and the individuals involved with, this effort.

As a first step, UW President Ana Mari Cauce created and is chairing the initiative’s executive council, which includes senior leaders, faculty, students and staff representing important contributing colleges, schools, programs and stakeholder units.

Population Health Executive Council

The Population Health Initiative is governed by a 30-member executive council. Learn more about the council’s structure in its governance plan.


Members of the initiative executive council have the following responsibilities:

  1. Engage the UW community and external partners in the work of achieving a shared vision.
  2. Task UW leaders and specific programs with developing, implementing and measuring progress toward the Population Health Initiative’s goals and objectives.
  3. Meet quarterly to review progress.
  4. Assist the UW president, provost, and other leaders in developing new financing sources to further the Population Health Initiative’s priorities.
  5. Assist the UW president, provost, and other leaders in incentivizing collaborative teaching and research that supports the Population Health Initiative’s vision.
  6. Consult with Faculty Senate committees to evaluate the initiative’s goals, objectives, and implementation strategies, including addressing the needs of students, facilitating faculty contributions, and ensuring alignment with the imperatives of diversity, equity, and inclusivity.
  7. Review plans with external partners and donors, the UW Board of Regents, and other stakeholders to advance the initiative’s visibility and impact.
  8. Establish and maintain an External Advisory Board to provide counsel and input as the Population Health Initiative evolves.
  9. Recommend and assist in the formation of initiative working groups (i.e., both time limited and ongoing) that include faculty, students, and staff with relevant expertise and perspectives beyond those on the executive council, thereby increasing both implementation capacity and engagement.


The current executive council represents all three UW campuses as well as the undergraduate and graduate student populations. Its members are:

  • Ana Mari Cauce, president; chair
  • Jerry Baldasty, provost and executive vice president
  • Ali Mokdad, professor of Global Health, Epidemiology and Health Services (IHME); vice chair
  • Thaisa Way, professor of landscape architecture; Faculty Senate liaison
  • David Anderson, executive director, Health Sciences administration
  • Kendra Canton, undergraduate student representative
  • Alison Cullen, professor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, and adjunct professor, School of Public Health and College of the Environment
  • Sara Curran, professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, and director, Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology
  • David Eaton, dean and vice provost, Graduate School
  • James Fogarty, associate professor, Computer Science and Engineering
  • Ceci Giachelli, professor and W. Hunter and Dorothy Simpson Endowed Chair, Department of Bioengineering
  • Eric King, graduate/professional student representative
  • Vicky Lawson, professor of geography; director of University Honors
  • Hedwig Lee, associate professor of sociology
  • Joe Lott, associate professor of educational leadership and policy studies
  • India Ornelas, assistant professor of health services, School of Public Health
  • David Reyes, assistant professor of nursing & healthcare leadership, UW Tacoma
  • Sallie Sanford, associate professor of law and adjunct associate professor of health services
  • Jane Simoni, professor of psychology and adjunct professor of global health
  • Clarence Spigner, professor of health services, School of Public Health
  • Bruder Stapleton, professor and chair, Department of Pediatrics, Seattle Children’s Hospital and UW Medicine
  • Emiko Tajima, associate dean for academic affairs and associate professor, School of Social Work
  • LuAnne Thompson, professor of oceanography
  • Wadiya Udell, associate professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell
  • Jürgen Unützer, professor and chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
  • Judith Wasserheit, professor and William H. Foege Endowed Chair, Department of Global Health
  • Mary Gresch, chief marketing & communications officer, University Marketing & Communications (ex officio)
  • Lee Heck, associate vice president of individual giving programs, University Advancement (ex officio)
  • Jeffrey Riedinger, vice provost, Office of Global Affairs (ex officio)
  • Derek Fulwiler, director of project strategy and communications, Executive Office; project director