Population Health


Opportunities exist across the University of Washington to volunteer to support population health-related projects.

For the general public

For students

  • The Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center offers public service volunteer opportunities for students.
  • Harborview Medical Center and the UW Medical Center both offer volunteer opportunities for students.
  • The Pipeline Project connects students with educational, service and research opportunities in local and regional K-12 schools.
  • UW researchers are seeking healthy volunteers and participants with specific health conditions for research studies to help answer important questions impacting human health.
  • The Student Health Consortium is a group of students who provide a meaningful resource to health-oriented student groups (RSOs) and to promote student health and wellness on campus through education and advocacy.
  • The Health Equity Circle is an interdisciplinary group of health sciences students who advocate for upstream changes that affect the social determinants of health.

UW Tacoma

  • The Center for Service and Leadership offers Husky Volunteers, which is an initiative that encourages and recognizes students’ volunteer service in the community.
  • The Community Economic Development volunteer program at UW Tacoma builds local capacity and helps improve economic opportunity in communities.
  • UW Tacoma students can apply to be mentors for Tacoma area youth through the STEPS program.