Population Health

November 13, 2019

Bill Neukom to chair Population Health Initiative advisory board

Image Bill Neukom speaking from a podiumKnown for his decades-long leadership of Microsoft’s law and corporate affairs team and then at the American Bar Association, his success as CEO of the San Francisco Giants and founder/CEO of the World Justice Project, Bill Neukom (pictured) will now chair the external advisory board for the University of Washington Population Health Initiative.

“This is a bold and imaginative initiative of the president of the University of Washington to identify and build up the essential ingredients for functional communities — human health, environment, education, justice, economic opportunity,” said Neukom. “I can’t imagine a more important initiative with more promise to improve life for literally millions of people. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of it. And, besides, when UW President Ana Mari Cauce calls and asks you to do something with the university, you don’t say no!”

Neukom and the advisory board are charged with providing guidance in areas such as strategic planning and program development, furthering the university’s understanding of population health trends and helping to assess the effectiveness of the initiative.

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