Office of the Ombud

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 Welcome to the Office of the Ombud. We serve the entire University of Washington community by providing a collaborative and confidential environment to discuss your situation, consider options, and develop a plan for the future. We are available to meet with you at any of the three campuses, Harborview, or the UW Medical Center.

To make an appointment with the Ombud to discuss your situation and begin developing options for resolution, please contact us at 206-543-6028.

We just completed our 2013 Annual Report, which provides an engaging look at our work. Click here to access the online report.

We are hiring an Assistant to the Ombud. You can find the position announcement here.

“Thank you for the gift of your time and undivided counsel. I really appreciated your perspective on my situation and I’m continuing to work toward the goals we discussed with renewed optimism.”

- Staff member

Who we serve

The Ombud Office serves students, faculty, staff, alumni, visitors, or anyone else who has contact with the University of Washington. Read more about Common Concerns

Our practice guidelines

We are an independent and impartial resource. Read more about What Our Office Does

Tacoma and Bothell Websites

For more information on our services at the Tacoma and Bothell campuses, please visit our Tacoma and Bothell websites.

Office locations

339 HUB
219 Carlton

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