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Make a referral

Reasons you may want to make a referral

  • They have asked you for help identifying resources on campus and you’re not sure where to send them
  • You have tried to assist the person and they’re not sure how to use resources, trust those resources or need additional resources
  • You don’t feel you are the appropriate or best person to assist them
  • You are not sure what to do next and would like to think through your option



“This really helped open my eyes so I could figure out what to do next.”

-UW Staff


How to make a referral

Make a referral appointment with one of our Ombud. In these 30-minute appointments we will work with you to learn a little more about the situation and person you are referring in order to assist you and them in the most constructive way.

If it is determined that an appointment with our office is the best course of action, either you can suggest that they reach out to us or we can reach out and explain our office and how we work to them.

  • My understanding is that the Office of the Ombud is available to anyone in the university community to work on any issue you may have– no issue is too small or too big.
  • The Ombuds Office is set up to be a confidential resource so that you can share fully with them what you have experience and establish the best possible plan to move forward.
  • The Office of the Ombud is a supportive resource. Ultimately you retain control over the situation. They exist to help you be as successful as possible.
  • I have had a great experience, or have heard really positive things about the Office of the Ombud as a place that helps clarify challenging situations and unlock new options for resolution.
  • It sounds like this situation is feeling really overwhelming and I know that the Office of the Ombud has a lot of experience listening and helping people find paths forward.