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What to expect

The Office of the Ombud is a place where all members of the University of Washington community can seek information, consultation, and assistance. Each year, the Ombud Office collaborates with hundreds of individuals who are facing challenges. We provide a safe environment to voice concerns and develop constructive options to address the situation.

“I left your office full of confidence and determination. It’s so refreshing to chat with someone who is willing to help and brainstorm – someone who isn’t afraid to take a personal interest.”

-UW Student


Our Approach


You will have time to share a much or as little about your story as you feel comfortable with. This will give the Ombud clear understanding of your concerns.


After we better understand your situation, we will assist you in outlining, clarifying and prioritizing a few of your goals.


At this point we will discuss possible strategies and explore some internal and external resources that you may want to utilize.

We follow these principles:

  • Safe space: We strive to provide a confidential, impartial and informal place for you to discuss your situation with people who know the university well.
  • You’re in control: We won’t take any action on your behalf unless you ask us to do so.
  • Learning environment: We are continuously learning and sharing ways to effectively address and navigate all types of situations and issues.