Understanding Key Reports

This report is a summary of the scoring keys submitted with your job; it reports all marked bubbles on the keys. One page per key sheet is provided for each scoring job.

Sample key report (13K PDF*)

The following elements are included in this report:

  • Sheet#: sequential sheet number which reflects the placement of the sheet in the batch of sheets submitted for scoring. This number is printed on your key sheets by the scanner.
  • Number of marks in correct answer section should be: shows your entry on the key sheet in the box of the same name. An error message will appear on the bottom of the report if the number indicated does not match the actual number of marks (including multiple correct answers for particular items, or + signs).
  • Student answer sheets to be scored with this key: indicates the test version for which you have requested this key to be used.
  • Name of score: name of score computed by this key.
  • Method for scoring: scoring method selected.
  • Weight: number of points given to correct answers. This should be blank unless "Method" = "Weighted."
  • Scales: number of points given to each item alternative, A-J. This will be blank unless you select Scale scoring.
  • Omits: points given for omitted items. This will be blank unless you select Scale scoring.
  • MultiMarks: points given for multi-marked items. This will be blank unless you select Scale scoring.

The right side of the report shows all answers bubbled (A-E, A-J, but not +) which you keyed for each item (1-150).

*Software capable of displaying a PDF is required for viewing or printing this document. Adobe Reader is available free of charge from the Adobe Web site at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html