Iasystem Rates, UW Seattle

Effective Autumn 1997

Description Price
IASystem™ course evaluation processing $.19 per form purchased
IASystem™ Course Summary Reports
2 per class, standard $1.20 per course evaluated
additional reports $1.00 per report
IASystem™ Custom Summary Reports $10.00
IASystem™ Deans Reports (one per quarter at no charge) $10.00
IASystem™ Annual Reports (one per year at no charge) $10.00
IASystem™ data export set-up (one-time charge) $50.00
IASystem™ data export $10.00

With the exception of assistant professors, each faculty member at UW Seattle may evaluate one course, up to 100 students, free of charge per quarter. Assistant professors may evaluate two courses. Faculty members may request additional forms and additional course evaluations at the rates shown above. Faculty who evaluate two classes, one free of charge and the other at regular rates, will be charged for the smaller of the two courses. Charges are the same for both online and paper-based evaluations.

Open-ended comment sheets are not summarized by the Office of Educational Assessment, but are returned to the instructor along with the ratings summaries.