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The Office of Educational Assessment manages course evaluation services for the UW Seattle campus with our web-based software application, IASystem™.

Transition to Online Evaluations

During the 2013-14 academic year, IASystem™ was gradually introduced to departments across UW Seattle. The new IASystem™ application enables courses to be evaluated online or on paper. However, starting Fall 2014, as a part of the UW paper reduction efforts, we are encouraging wide-spread adoption of online evaluations at the UW Seattle campus.

(Please note: Effective Fall 2014, all paper-based evaluations incur a fee while online evaluations will be offered free of charge.)

Requesting Course Evaluations


    • Contact your departmental evaluation coordinator to setup an online evaluation for your course. If you are unsure who your coordinator is, contact iasuw@uw.edu.
    • If your department does not have an evaluation coordinator, you may directly request either online or paper-based evaluations for an individual class using our online order form.


    • Setup and manage online or paper evaluations using the IASystem™ web-based software application.  To be added as a coordinator, please contact our office at iasuw@uw.edu.

Faculty FAQ

+ When are results available and how do I access them?

+ Who can see results?

+ Can I track response rates to provide incentives or award points for participation in completing a course evaluation for my class?

+ How do I maintain a good response rate with online evaluations?

+ I am co-teaching a course; how will that effect my evaluation?

Student FAQ

+ Are results anonymous?

+ Can I have my online evaluation deleted?

+ When can my instructor see the course evaluation results?

+ I keep getting reminders to complete my course evaluations. How can I get them to stop?

+ What if I do not receive an email for my course evaluation?

+ Why did I get separate evaluations for each of my instructors in the same class?

Evaluation Coordinator FAQ

+ How can I become a departmental evaluation coordinator?

+ What if I want to request an evaluation for a course that isn't listed in IASystem?

+ How should I choose the "start" and "end" dates for an online evaluation?

+ What is the "reports available date" and can I change it?

+ Who should receive Hi/Lo, Ratings Summary or Evaluation List reports?

+ What is the Participant Report?


Contact Us:


Raquel Chavez
IASystem™ Program Coordinator
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(206) 543-3961 (fax)


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