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The University of Washington has provided Instructional Assessment System course evaluation services to other campuses for the past several decades.  Our legacy IAS paper-based system is distinct from other available services in its focus on both formative and summative evaluation, and its provision of multiple evaluation forms to provide feedback on diverse types of instruction.  These features have been incorporated IASystem™, our new web-based service allowing faculty and departments to choose to evaluate any class either online or on paper.


IAS Services

Many institutions using IAS paper-based evaluations continue to be well-served by our legacy system.  Notable features of the system include:

  • Multiple evaluation forms to assess diverse instructional formats
  • Summative questions on all forms to allow cross-class and cross-instructor comparisons
  • Formative questions to provide feedback on specific aspects of each course
  • Ability to add instructor-generated questions
  • Multi-level reporting by class, department, and institution
  • Statistical adjustment for bias factors
  • Index of student academic challenge and engagement
  • Institutional norms
  • Data exports
  • Quick turn-around (15 working days, plus shipping time)

We continue to support use of our legacy system at those institutions where it is currently in use.

IASystem™ Services

All of the existing Instructional Assessment System capabilities were retained and expanded in the development of our new web-based service.  IASystem offers the same high-quality paper-based services our clients are familiar with plus additional capabilities:

  • Ability to evaluate any class either online or on paper
  • Integrated data archiving and reporting for online and paper evaluations
  • Intuitive online interface for course evaluation management
Please contact us if you would like more information about IASystem™.


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