Additional Items Template

You may add questions to the standard IASystem™ scannable evaluation forms. The back of each form provides space to print up to twelve instructor-created Likert-scaled items. To add items, you must use our OEA template. You can download a template by clicking on the links provided below.

In addition, the back includes scales for 23 other items that instructors can use along with the standard evaluation form. These items would need to be given to the students on another sheet of paper, as a transparency for an overhead projector, or written on a white board.


  1. Copy a template to your workstation

    Select one of the following templates and save it to the hard drive on your workstation:

    •   Provides space for additional questions for any IASystem™ form.
    •   Prepared questions regarding the use of technology in instruction. You can use any or all of the questions or, if you prefer, you can add to, or modify the questions provided.
  2. Create a template master
    • In creating your questions, make sure the page layout fits exactly the spaces provided by the template. Edit the text on the template to match your needs.
    • Please note that each question can have a maximum of three lines.
    • Top right-hand field: Please note that the values associated with responses are reversed from the values on the front of the standard evaluation form. This means that while scales for questions on the front of the evaluation form move from excellent to poor, the scale on the back reverses that order, moving from poor to excellent. It is a good idea to call this change to the attention of your students.
  3. Print your evaluation forms
    • When you have finished editing the template, print onto a single IASystem™ standard evaluation form to check placement of the text. Adjust the formatting if necessary and retest. The template should fit exactly onto the IASystem™ forms.
    • Another possibility is to print your template questions onto a blank piece of paper for photocopying onto the IASystem™ forms. Be sure to align text with the spaces provided.