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The Office of News & Information announces dean’s list honorees to Washington state hometown newspapers about three weeks after the end of the quarter, once grades are posted. The office also announces graduates to those papers as close as possible to Commencement. Students who believe their hometown information is incorrect should contact the Registration Office.

The UW can only send information to hometown newspapers if the student has selected “Yes” to Directory Release (on the Change of Address page on MyUW). The UW must follow the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act in the release of any student information. More information on FERPA regulations can be found in the online Student Guide.

Your hometown:

Your hometown is the one that you identified in your application to the UW. If you have questions about this, contact the Registration Office.

If your hometown is in Washington, this should be in your registration information and the Office of News & Information will send information automatically.

To have information sent if your hometown is NOT in Washington:

If you have selected “Yes” to Directory Release and you would like us to send your information to your hometown paper, please give the following information to uwnews@uw.edu:

  1. Your name
  2. Year in school (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  3. Your major (if applicable)
  4. Your hometown and state (or country)
  5. Your hometown newspaper’s name, as well as its email or postal address
  6. High school from which you graduated
  7. Your parents’ names, if they live in your hometown (optional)

We can also send your dean’s list information to another newspaper of your choosing. Some newspapers will publish that information if your connection to that town makes your honor “local news.” If you would like us to do so:

  1. Send us the information listed above.
  2. Tell us your connection to the town. Example: If you want us to send to your grandparents’ local newspaper, please tell us your grandparents’ names.


Our office will process your request within 5 business days.

Please make your request within a month of notification from the Registrar’s Office.

Note to Seattle and Tacoma area students:

We’re sorry to report that the daily metro newspapers will not publish the Dean’s List.

Contact our office:

You may contact our office via email: uwnews@uw.edu

If you prefer to phone, please call: 206/616.8110