UW experts on the Arab crises

Jere Bacharach
Professor Emeritus of History
E-mail | Web
Bacharach, who is living in Cairo, researches early Islamic, medieval and modern Middle East, Ottoman Empire; slavery, numismatics.
Cairo Report #1: “Dear All: We are all safe…”

Ellis Goldberg
Professor of Political Science
E-mail | Web | 011-202-2736-0719 (land line in Cairo)
Goldberg researches Middle Eastern politics, particularly how Arab intellectuals think about citizenship.
Goldberg blogs from Cairo (Nisralnasr: Occasional Thoughts on Middle Eastern and U.S. Politics”)
KUOW interview: Eight days of protest in Egypt
MSNBC: “What you need to know about the crisis in Egypt”

Reşat Kasaba
Stanley D. Golub Chair in International Studies and director of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
E-mail | Web | 206-543-4373
Kasaba researches state-society relations in the Middle East from a historical perspective.
Seattle Times (op-ed): U.S. should support Egyptian people’s quest for domestic reform
KIRO 7 (CBS) “Egypt protests cause ripple effects in Seattle”

Clark Lombardi
Associate Professor of Law
Adjunct Associate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies

E-mail | Web | (206) 543-4939
Lombardi is a specialist in Islamic law and in constitutional law. His 2006 book: State Law as Islamic Law in Modern Egypt: The Incorporation of the Shari`a into Egyptian Constitutional Law.
• The New York Times: “Getting to Democracy the Legal Way”

Stephen J. Majeski
Professor of Political Science
E-mail | Web | 206-543-9648
Majeski is a specialist in U.S. foreign policy. In 2010, Routledge published a book Majeski co-authored with David Sylvan: “U.S. Foreign Policy in Perspective: Clients, Enemies, and Empire.”

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