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NASA’s ‘Mohawk Guy’ advocates ‘audacious,’ creative engineering

By Michelle Ma

February 20, 2014

Bobak Ferdowsi, a NASA flight engineer who became known as “Mohawk Guy” after sporting a mohawk hairstyle during the 2012 rover Curiosity’s landing on Mars, spoke to a class of University of Washington aeronautics and astronautics engineering students on Feb. 19. Ferdowsi was a student in the department and graduated from the UW in 2001.

Credit card-sized device could analyze biopsy, help diagnose pancreatic cancer in minutes

By Michelle Ma

February 6, 2014

University of Washington scientists and engineers are developing a low-cost device that could help pathologists diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier and faster. The prototype can perform the basic steps for processing a biopsy, relying on fluid transport instead of human hands to process the tissue.

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