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Tackling new terrain: climate change and global health

A new initiative could position the University of Washington as a major player in addressing global health and environmental issues arising from climate change.

Advocacy through the lens

As a public health student, performing artist Michaela Leslie-Rule filmed the views of Tanzanian women on intimate partner violence and gen

Dr. Evan Kanter: On a mission to treat and prevent psychiatric casualties of war

When the United States went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, many people began thinking about costs — the cost of deploying troops, the cost to purchase guns and missiles, and the cost of American lives.

Grand prize team lights up UW global social entrepreneurship competition

The first time Charles Ishimwe left Rwanda was when he entered the Sixth Annual Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC) sponsored by the UW Foster School of Business.

UW global health chair to receive Ned Behnke Leadership Award

Dr. King Holmes will be honored March 9 for his leadership and commitment in promoting AIDS awareness.

Lessons learned from a major study on herpes and HIV: Our job is not done

In May,  results of a major study measuring the impact of herpes suppression on HIV transmission were released.