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From punch cards to laptops: UW Tech employees remember 40 years with the University

Tom Profit and Sid McHarg of UW Technology recall meeting with networking experts from a major computing company in the mid 1980s.

Fleet Services goes green: New plug-in hybrid car, solar-assisted key manager

Fleet Services (formerly Motor Pool) has added some new features to its UCAR program, making car-sharing more convenient — and green — than ever for the UW community.

Senior art students put on eclectic visual arts exhibition

Karissa Willhite’s senior art project will do more than just keep her warm.

Class Notes: Students investigate lives of young people around the world

Class title: GEOG/SIS 111: Global Youth, taught by Dr.

One class, four universities: Professor seeks to launch research center, certificate program

Statistics Professor Peter Guttorp fiddles with a remote control, pointing it at a device to make a videoconference connection with the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

Class Notes: Writers on Writing brings people together for writing, reading, conversation

Class title: English 285: Writers on Writing, taught by the UW creative writing faculty, led by Professor Richard Kenney, and Teaching Assistants Scott Provence and Sarah Erickson.

Media Center offers Puget Sounds, Netflix for instructors and more

Art rock.

Caffeine fix: The Burke kicks off Coffee Jan. 24 and 25

What’s the story behind your cup of coffee? As the top coffee consumers in the country, most Seattleites can spot a coffee vendor from a mile away.

Yes he can: UW student plans Obama’s premier inaugural ball

UW student Devin Hampton is just 10 credits shy of earning his undergraduate degree in political science, but he’s not worried about walking in a graduation ceremony anytime soon.

Astronomy Department celebrates 2009 International Year of Astronomy

The UW Astronomy Department is making the universe “Yours to Discover” in 2009, thanks to its partnership in celebrating the <A href="http://www.

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