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June 22, 2011

Henry Art Gallery to celebrate Brink Award winner, finalists

UW News

The Henry Art Gallery will celebrate artist Andrew Dadson, winner of the 2011 Brink Award, as well as finalists for the award, in a public program from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Sunday, June 26, in the Henry Auditorium.

Those on the short list of final nominees include include Grant Barnhart, Debra Baxter, Dawn Cerny, Tannaz Farsi, Allison Hrabluik, and Anna Gray & Ryan Wilson Paulsen. The artists will share images of their work, and members of The Brink selection committee will respond to their presentations.

All award nominees, nominators, and artists in the community are encouraged to participate in this public forum. The event will foster open-ended, free-wheeling discussion about contemporary art in our region, and will be an opportunity for dialogue between artists, arts professionals, collectors, and anyone else who wishes to participate.

The Brink is a biennial award granted to an artist in Washington, Oregon, or British Columbia whose work shows artistic promise and who appears to be at “the brink” of a promising career. The selection committee considers artists whose work explores a range of ideas beyond the surface of mainstream culture and demonstrates innovation and high artistic quality. The Brink award complements the Henrys role as a catalyst for the creation of new work and demonstrates the museums commitment to artists working in our region.

The event is free with museum admission or membership, and a reception will follow. Please RSVP by email at info@henryart.org