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May 25, 2011

Sign a beam and ‘become one with the new HUB

UW News

If you miss the HUB during its closure for a major overhaul, staff there would like to get your autograph. On June 1 and 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the campus is invited to sign a beam that will go into the HUB as construction continues.

The event, according to Associate Vice President for Campus Life Lincoln Johnson, is one of the ways staff have been trying to “find moments to celebrate the HUB project with students.” Most students currently on campus were not here when planning discussions were held, Johnson said, so events like this are a way to engage them.

The idea for the beam signing itself came from one of Johnsons colleagues across the country. “One of the things Id heard before is that some schools have done a beam topping — gathering students to watch the last beam go into a building,” Johnson said. “Thats not really possible because of our timeline. Then someone said, ‘What about signing a beam? and I thought yes, lets do that.”

The beam is about 16 feet long and has been painted white, said Leyla Salmassi, manager of service operations for the HUB. And two of them have been prepared for signing, in case the first one fills up. The beam to be signed will be at the north end of the building, near the N-22 parking lot.

“Well have Sharpees available,” Salmassi said, “and we will get as many people as we can to sign their names.”

And thats about it. No big hoopla with bands and speakers — just some HUB staff handing out writing instruments. Nonetheless, the response has already been gratifying.

“When I started putting out posters and advertising on Facebook, I just didnt expect a huge response,” Salmassi said. “But people seem to be pretty excited about this. I hope lots of people will come.”

Shes pretty excited about it herself. “Its an opportunity to become one with the HUB,” she said with a laugh.