UW News

September 30, 2010

UW Bothell debuts new principal preparation program

This year, UW Bothell begins its new Leadership Development for Educators Program (LEDE), which will support teacher instructional leaders and help them document their learning so that it contributes to requirements for a masters degree and state residency principal certificate.

This new principal preparation program honors educator’s work as teacher leaders. It is open to individuals with a Washington Professional Teacher Certification, who have formal or well-documented informal teacher instructional leadership responsibilities.

The LEDE Program will offer courses built on the latest research and best practices for effective school leadership.

Bradley Portin, director of UW Bothell’s Education Program, said, “Teaching and learning sit at the core of what schools are all about. The LEDE program prioritizes the skills and experiences necessary to ensure that new principals know how to lead for learning and how to best support shared instructional leadership within schools.”

The program will build these leadership skills by actively participating with nine partner districts in the region, which will ensure a strong connection to the everyday needs of schools, Portin says.

Interested applicants can apply here.

For more information on the LEDE Program, visit UW Bothell’s Education Department website.