UW News

March 4, 2010

Who will give the next University Faculty Lecture? Nominations are open

Nominations are being sought for the annual University Faculty Lecture Award, which honors current or emeriti faculty whose research, scholarship or art has been widely recognized by their peers and whose achievements have had a substantial impact on their profession, on the research or performance of others and perhaps on society as a whole. The honoree delivers a lecture that is open to the public.

This year for the first time, the Faculty Lecturer will be honored along with other universitywide award winners at the annual recognition ceremony June 10, and will be invited to sit on the stage at commencement. The lecture will be given in fall quarter rather than in winter, as has been the custom.

The changes were instigated by President Mark Emmert, who said, “Recognition by one’s peers is one of the most meaningful rewards a faculty member can receive, and we wanted to enhance the visibility and prestige of this particular award our faculty bestow on one of their own each year. I hope these modest changes will accomplish that.”

Nominations are due no later than Wednesday, April 14. The nomination letter should include a supporting statement summarizing the nominee’s accomplishments and impact, speaking ability, ability to adapt his/her academic interest to a broad audience, and a list of important publications. Send nominations to Susan Folk, assistant to the secretary of the faculty, Box 351271.

Previous Faculty Lecturers are ineligible for nomination. Recent lecturers include:

  • Peter Ward, Earth and Space Sciences, 2009
  • Charles Hirschman, Sociology, 2008
  • Gerald Pollack, Bioengineering, 2007
  • John Toews, History, 2006
  • Carolyn Webster-Stratton, School of Nursing, 2005
  • James A. Banks, Multicultural Education, 2004
  • Leland Hartwell, Genetics, FHCRC, 2003
  • Bill Holm, Art History, 2002
  • Maynard Olson, Medicine and Genome Sciences, 2001
  • James Tollefson, English, 2000
  • Bruce Margon, Astronomy, 1999
  • Patricia K. Kuhl, Speech and Hearing Sciences, 1998
  • James D. Murray, Applied Mathematics, 1997
  • J. David Hawkins, School of Social Work, 1996
  • Edward Lazowska, Computer Science and Engineering, 1995
  • Robin McCabe, Music, 1994
  • Nancy Fugate Woods, Parent and Child Nursing, 1993
  • Charles Johnson and Gordon Orians, English and Zoology, 1992
  • Haig Bosmajian, Speech Communication, 1991
  • Hans Dehmelt, Physics, 1990
  • Donald Matthews, Political Science, 1989
  • William H. Rodgers, Jr., Law, 1988
  • John Goodlad, Education, 1987
  • Ernst Behler, Comparative Literature and Germanics, 1986
  • Kathryn Barnard, Nursing, 1985