UW News

October 1, 2009

‘University Week’ offers opportunities for you to participate

Welcome to the new school year. University Week has been on hiatus during the quarter break, but now we’re back with our lively assortment of interesting stories and photos for you to peruse. We aim to keep you up to date on University happenings beyond your cubicle and to introduce you to many of the fascinating people who work here.

But beyond the material you can read and look at, there are a number of ways that you can participate in University Week, and we wanted to make sure you knew about them:

Make a sale: Faculty and staff can place free classified ads for everything from selling their old bicycle to publicizing a neighborhood yard sale. It’s our own private Craig’s List, and you can use it to seek out items of interest too. Want to recruit subjects for an experiment, find a running partner or get advice on a software program? You can use the classifieds for any of those things.

Snap a scene: The University employs a talented photographer, but there are also many creative photographers on campus who don’t take pictures for a living. We invite those people to post their photos on our Community Photos page. All photos must be of one of the UW campuses or of a University-sponsored activity, and we ask that you write a caption describing where the photo was taken or what it depicts. (Please don’t take photos of children other than your own without their parents’ written permission.)

Find community: Did you know there are a number of organizations on campus that are open to faculty and staff? Our Organizations page lists those organizations, along with information about each one, including contact names and Web site URLs. And by the way, if you are part of a campus organization that is open to new members, you can list your organization on our Organizations page.

Spotlight your colleagues: Do you know someone who deserves kudos for an outstanding achievement, award, appointment or book publication? If so, we’d like to highlight them in our “people column,” which is called Etc. Etc. is also the place for interesting stories that don’t make the headlines. Send your information to uweek@u.washington.edu.

Have your say: Do you have a reaction to something you’ve read or seen in University Week? You can write your comments on a story or a photo. We expect all comments to be civil, but otherwise the floor is open for whatever you want to say.

Try your luck: Would you like to win a gift certificate for the University Book Store? We give one away every quarter to someone who guesses our Mystery Photo. The photos appear weekly, and the names of all correct guessers are placed in a drawing for the gift certificate at the end of the quarter. Mystery Photos appear at the bottom of the UWeek e-mail as well as on our homepage.

Share a story: If you see something in University Week that you think a friend outside the University would enjoy, feel free to send it on using our “send to a friend” feature, found on all story pages.

Spread the word: And while we’re talking about your non-University friends, they can subscribe to University Week by signing up for a UW News + Community account. They can register here and then check that they want to receive University Week’s e-mail every Thursday. Non-University people are not eligible to post classifieds, comments or community photos.

This just in: And finally, we would really appreciate it if you would send us your ideas for stories. We know we can’t be everywhere, and we appreciate being alerted to interesting happenings and people to report on. Contact us at uweek@u.washington.edu.  

How do you get in on all the participatory features I’ve just mentioned? You won’t find most of them on our e-mail. Go to our homepage, www.uweek.org, and you’ll see tabs for the Classifieds, Community Photos and Organizations pages. The comments field is at the bottom of stories and under individual photos when you click on them. The e-mail to a friend feature is on individual story pages. And you can get to the UW News + Community registration page by clicking at the very top of our homepage.

University Week goes out to about 27,000 members of the UW community, including you. Please be a part of it.