UW News

July 9, 2009

UW Bothell to offer student housing in the fall

Beginning this fall, UW Bothell will offer student housing for the first time. The institution is in the process of master leasing a local rental complex and intends to convert the apartments to student housing units this summer.

“Several years ago we began accepting freshmen and sophomores, and we’ve been developing student life programs and facilities to broaden their experience here,” said Marilyn Cox, vice chancellor for administration and planning. “We have had lots of student requests for campus housing.”

About six months ago, Cox said, UWB began working with the UW Real Estate Office to develop a plan for student housing, and ended up sending out a Request for Proposal to local apartment building owners. Out of the 12 responses, UWB chose a small apartment building that is a five-minute walk from campus. The University has leased the entire property and will manage the contracts with students, but does not own the building.

The building has 24 furnished one-bedroom apartments. It can accommodate up to 44 students, Cox said. The building will be co-ed, but roommates will be of the same sex. Two resident advisers will be hired to provide some supervision and plan community building activities, and two full-time staff members will also be on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

UWB will present a proposal for rental rates to the Board of Regents next week. If approved, the rents will be $625 a month for double occupancy and $1,100 for a single. The rates include all utilities except for phone service.

“Long-term, UW Bothell would like to build or acquire student housing,” Cox said. “But that is a few years away. In the meantime, having this building will help us build our student life program.”