UW News

June 26, 2008

Educational outreach honors standout teachers

Three regular UW faculty members are among six instructors named by UW Educational Outreach as recipients of a 2008 Teaching Excellence Award.

Janine Brodine, Barbara Endicott-Popovsky and Lisa Coutu were honored at the UW Extension Certificate Awards Ceremony held on June 18, along with fellow instructors Janet Boguch, Kris Fulsaas and Kristie Dunkin.

Based on stellar evaluations (both numeric ratings and written comments) by students on course evaluations and program exit surveys, the Teaching Excellence Awards are presented annually to instructors who have taught for a minimum of one year in an Extension, evening degree, distance learning, or other program administered by Educational Outreach. An award is presented in each of six categories.

Brodine, a senior lecturer in the English Department, is the winner in the education category. She is co-director of the Puget Sound Writing Project and an instructor in its Invitational Institute. In 2006, she co-wrote a grant proposal to provide professional development in content-area reading to secondary teachers in eight districts in North Central Washington, which resulted in the formation of the North Central Washington Content-Area Reading Institute. One of her students said, “Can I clone you and take you home — (to) be in our district and help inspire others — share your passion so students can all achieve more?”

Endicott-Popovsky, director of the iSchool’s Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity, harnessed the support of an exceptional advisory board of academic and industry professionals to launch the UW Certificate Program in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity in 2004. Honored in the technology category, she is an excellent and accessible teacher, an engaging speaker and a leader in curriculum development. One of her students said, “I learned something new and useful in every class meeting, even though I’m already experienced in this field.”

Coutu, a senior lecturer in the Department of Communication, won in the distance learning category. She teaches courses administered by Educational Outreach including “Introduction to Communication II” and “Cultural Codes in Communication.” Her service as an instructor is exceptional. She regularly receives outstanding feedback from students about her teaching expertise, the interactive nature of her online courses and her responsiveness to her students. One of her students said, “Lisa is incredibly responsive — she always has helpful things to say about my assignments. Honestly, I think I probably had more interaction with Lisa than I have had in some of my ‘traditional’ [classroom based] UW courses.”

Boguch, a principal owner of the consulting firm Non-Profit Works, won in the business and management category. Fulsaas, a freelance editor and proofreader, won in the arts and humanities category. And Duncan, a soil scientist currently working for AMEC Earth and Environmental, won in the science/health science/engineering category.

“We are proud of the high quality of our instructors, who are drawn from the ranks of experienced UW faculty, top industry professionals, and community experts,” said Vice Provost Dave Szatmary. “With hundreds of instructors teaching in more than 120 programs administered by UW Educational Outreach, being selected for a Teaching Excellence Award is truly a mark of distinction. They represent the best of the best.”