UW News

October 11, 2007

Attention armchair detectives: Second Emerald City Search begins Oct. 17

The UW, in partnership with the Seattle Times and the Seattle Art Museum, invites all treasure hunters and thrill seekers to join an adventurous 10-day foray in fun for the second annual Emerald City Search, beginning Oct. 17.

The Emerald City Search is a fun and unique activity for people of all ages to put their detective skills to the test as they search the city for the mysterious and unique Emerald City Search Medallion. The medallion will be placed in plain sight, will be easily accessible to everyone, and will not be located on private property.

In celebration of the Seattle Art Museum’s exhibit, Japan Envisions the West, scholars from the UW — including some of the world’s foremost experts in ancient Japanese art and civilization — developed the series of challenging clues designed to lead the luckiest and most clever explorer to the medallion’s secret location. Beginning Oct. 17, The Seattle Times and www.seattletimes.com will publish one clue each day for 10 consecutive days, leading Seattle adventurers to the location of the mysterious medallion. The first qualified person(s) to correctly solve the clues and follow the directions on the back of the medallion will receive $2,500 in cash and prizes.

The Emerald City Search, developed to encourage experiential learning and to emphasize the contributions of UW’s renowned faculty to the community, is a partnership between the UW’s College of Arts & Sciences, Hillel UW and UW Alumni Association, and in cooperation with the Seattle Times and the Seattle Art Museum.

For contest rules and more information about the search, go to http://www.UWalum.com and locate the link to the Emerald City Search.